Media Solutions has been in the market for over 10 years. Over this period we have prided ourselves for having made great strides in the field of alternative media and that is what we are known for. Our excellent work ethic has become the hallmark of our success has not gone unnoticed. Our pillars of success lie in Development of non-traditional media, Media that interacts with people in their day to day life and with direct benefit to them, Wide range developed to cater for the various market needs, Nurturing of lasting relationships with the various stakeholders.




Troller   clock   street pole
Wall Wraps   City Clock   Street Pole Ads
These structures are situated at various, high visibility areas in and around the CBD. They range between medium too mega size structures. These are mounted on walls, aiming to create vibrancy within the city centre. These are limited to tall buildings with open walls.   The clock unit comprises a high-precision master clock with four slave clocks. The clocks are powered independently through a solar panel power system thus overcoming the handicap of surges in the mains power supply   Media Solutions developed this media taking into account pertinent issues like safety, durability and aesthetics among others. The structure has a fiber glass/plastic finish, which make it more aesthetically pleasing. Below is the visual of the structure




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